BSS Software Engineer

Software Development | Pune, India


We are looking for BSS Software Engineer with 3+ years experience to join a growing client in Pune, India.


Job Requirements

  • Solves in-building access problems for mobile operators, opening up new revenue streams while defending existing business. Helps operators to increase capacity & coverage, improve quality of experience, drive down costs and offer new converged services. nanoGSM® is a proven, end-to-end solution carrying billions of minutes of traffic every year, all over the world. Our BSC’s are now live in over 60 GSM networks across the globe, with over 28,000 nanoBTS™’s deployed.
  • Working as part of the 2G team, this role is responsible for the evolution and maintenance of the BSC and BTS software. Whilst involvement with all aspects of the 2G development and maintenance is anticipated, the role requires specific expertise in the area of the BSC software and platform, the BTS software and platform and aspects of testing, including automated testing.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design, implementation and testing of software for 2G and 2.5G products.
  • Provision of support to other functional areas as part of the maintenance and testing phases.
  • Provision of technical input into meetings.
  • Development and maintenance of the protocol stacks that provide data and voice services.
  • Improve the stability, reliability and performance of the protocol stacks and software.
  • Produce/review technical specifications and design documents.
  • Perform developer test and integration. 

Required Skills & Experience

  • Good C/C++ development skills in a Linux environment
  • Good embedded software developer skills using C
  • Proficiency in hands-on debugging of real-time systems
  • Good understanding or appreciation of hardware and performance
  • Experienced in developing real-time multi-threaded event driven software (including protocol message encoding/decoding and finite state machines).
  • Knowledge of GSM architecture and protocols and procedures including knowledge of Abis, A, Lb, SABP and GPRS Ns and Gb Protocols is desirable.
  • Experience of developing UNIX/Linux applications.
  • Good software engineering practices and experience of using tools for source code control, object-oriented design, testing, profiling and static analysis.
  • Experience of any of the following would also be an advantage: MySQL, C++ Standard Template Libraries, Smart Pointers, Security and Authentication, IP Networks and Protocols, T1/E1, Frame Relay, RTP, SRTP, TCP, SSL, MTP3, M3UA, SS7 and SCCP.T1/E1, Frame Relay, MTP3, M3UA, SS7 and SCCP.
  • Has a good understanding of telecommunications environment and mobile technology and is aware of new advances that are likely to affect the organisation. 

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