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Our clients are currently hiring candidates with
the following skill sets:
  • Ruby
  • iOS/Android
  • HTML5
  • Clarify
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Sharepoint
  • Magento
  • Oracle ADF Mobile
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Working at Talent Anywhere

Talent Anywhere offers a unique employee value proposition that connects qualified, high performing individuals with ambitious, growing international companies. Our clients are innovators that understand how they can develop a sustainable competitive advantage by developing a permanent global workforce.

Working at Talent Anywhere

We partner with companies to develop operations and teams in new locations across India, China, Bulgaria, South Africa, and Chile. We've grown to over 500 employees by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between local employees and international clients.

Our Approach

We typically work with companies to help expand their core business operations to new locations. The hires made to form the initial team are critical and involve highly selective recruitment methods where we filter out candidates based on a mix of our own and the client's proprietary qualifiers. As client teams grow, we look for candidates who meet technical and experience requirements, but most importantly people that will fit the team culture that has been established.

Long Term Commitment

We seek out those keen to grow with their organization in the long-term. As most of our employees stay with their clients for the duration, we are happy to report that our turnover rate is lower, and retention rate higher, than industry averages. We are able to achieve high employee satisfaction because Talent Anywhere and its clients put heavy emphasis on training and development. We work with employees on career planning and seek out individuals who share our belief in continuous learning and self-improvement.

Global Mindset

Our employees work directly with clients. Because of this, it is absolutely critical that they operate with a global mindset. Our clients employ international standards and western styles of management. With this comes great opportunity to engage in work that offers respect, freedom, and demands high levels of creativity. This mindset also brings greater expectations of adhering to global standards, attention to details, and a constant strive for excellence.

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If you believe you fit the profile that we are looking for, please contact us for currently available vacancies.