Ksenia Vinogradova

Founder, Flipflic

"Our whole experience was very positive: selection, training, hands-on approach, experienced top angels, their feedback. For an early startup in Europe it is extremely difficult to embrace the needed amount of angel investors."

Aruna Schwarz

CEO, Stelae Technologies

"Let me take this occasion to state what an absolute pleasure and honor it has been and hope to continue the journey of working with CBA."

Vesa Peralla

Founder & CEO, Claned

"CBA is very well connected internationally, work hard to present suitable investor candidates and ensure everything necessary gets done on time."

Jan Riehle

Founder & CEO, Itaro

"The way you operate highly impressed us: preparatory sessions & other requirements that you consistently stick to but in a very eloquent way, platform used, communication that follows up consistently."

Kamini Gupta

CEO, Edgefx Kits & Solutions

"The entire process has helped us realize our potential globally and to better understand our valuation. We are happy to have found a partner that feels equally concerned about the business as a core team should be."

Sudhir Reddy

Managing Director, Jay Robotix

"Great expertise in wide variety of domains and sectors. We could know this by assessing their knowledge in nascent robotics industry."

Gabriel Bestard


"Skills and strategy thinking in the right areas to complement us. We are happy to have found a partner that feels vested in the success of our business and works so diligently side by side with the rest of our team."

Andreas Von Estorff

CEO, Model Management

"They have a very professional team and a systematical approach that most of startups need."

Javier Ramirez

CEO, Becycling

"Helped us to better understand our potential in our local market but also globally, and to better understand our valuation and exit strategy. A great partner for approaching a new market."

Michel Kisfaludi


"Significantly contributed to the many declarations of interest from potential investors."

Javier Juncadella

CEO, Nektria

"Delivered key competitive insights thereby significantly reinforcing our immediate growth plans"

Ammini Chaitanya Kumar

CEO, IndustryArc

"Due diligence done by their team in understanding our business model, multiple one-to-one discussions, iterations to perfect the valuation and milestones are highly beneficial to us."

Hemang Desai

CEO, Giftkarting

"Our experience with CBA has been simply amazing since past 2 to 3 years. Giftkarting has been in touch with CBA and giving periodic updates with the objective that we would be mentored by them when we are ready for a fundraise."